You’re Drunk Beauty Industry….Go Home

When did we decide that the beauty industry needed more?  I mean, eyeliners, blushes, lipsticks, foundations….  It feels like there’s plenty to keep us busy.  A girl could get lost in a Sephora store for days.  Don’t even get me started on highlighters.

But this was the moment, where I thought “Beauty industry, you’re drunk. Go Home”.

Squiggly Eyebrows.  What in the actual fuck is this?  And let’s be honest when you first saw them, you probably just laughed and thought.  Well that was funny for 2 seconds.  But seriously.  But then like me, you probably saw a bunch of people actually trying it.  No.  Please No.  The only way that something can actually become a “thing” is if you make it a “thing”.  So let’s not make this a “thing”.  

Did this nonsense start with Instagram eyebrows?  I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them by now.  They can simply be described as overdrawn and overly bold eyebrows.  We all know that one girl that doesn’t know when to stop.  It’s like when you do a winged eyeliner.  You can never get the second eye to match the first eye, and then you just keep over correcting and over correcting, until you actually look like a feline.

I feel like Instagram eyebrows have morphed into the same thing. But still just as ridiculous.

So let’s go through this.  Here’s a just a few trends that need to stop  Like NOW

(Instagram Eyebrows)

Squiggly Eyebrows.    Nope,  Plus, your friends will have trouble reading your facial expressions.  You don’t want that

(Squiggly Lips). What planet are you living on?  Still NO 


(Hairy Nails)  Ok, now I’m just laughing

(Reversed winged eyeliner) When you’re right eye looks like your left eye. haha



i feel like these idiotic pictures speak for themselves.  They clearly highlight we are deeply bored as a society, and are always looking for the next big thing…no matter how stupid.

I actually got the idea to write this post last week, when my friend Donna sent me a youtube video.  It’s a video of Elizabeth Taylor putting the final touches of makeup on her face.  And it’s spectacular.  This woman shows everyone that fabulous isn’t about a squiggly brow or an eyeliner.  It’s a state of mind.

Watch and learn.  And remember, fabulous never goes out of style. Never.