Why I Started a Podcast.

admin   September 24, 2017   No Comments on Why I Started a Podcast.

I have a podcast.    Did I forget to tell you? 

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to write about it.  But it has been an incredible whirlwind over the last few months.  It’s not only a dream realized to work with someone I really admire….but it’s giving me a new outlet that I never thought I would have.

Let’s start from the beginning.  The podcast is called THE QUICK AND THE DIRTY.  If you follow me on social media, you’ll see me promoting the hell out of it.  Turns out anyone can have a podcast, but getting people to listen to it is another matter entirely. (Look for it on Itunes if you want to check it out)


So now let’s really start from the beginning.  I’ve been a career broadcaster since 1994.  I know that’s a long time.  Don’t even think about doing any math in your head, I was 12 when I started…that’s all you need to know.

As far as radio careers go….it’s been a fucking good one.  I’ve achieved almost everything I’ve ever wanted.  But I’ve also noticed the older and more experienced I get, the more my goals have shifted.   I’ve been working on a successful morning show for almost 15 years in Ottawa.  Once a 4 person show, and then 3 and then 2.    The show has had changed many times along the way.   But I think anyone who’s been doing anything for a long time will agree, change is good.   Change is the thing that we sometimes fear the most, but it’s also the thing that garners the biggest reward.  But change can be fucking scary.  The fear of the unknown can really do a number on you.   But I’ve finally come to realize, that I have to do things that scare me or I’m never going to evolve as a broadcaster or as a person.

So that’s really where my head was at, when I thought a podcast was the way to go.  Honestly, it’s really just another way for me to explore my craft…with absolutely no pressure at all.   A way for me to be as authentic as I can be without the constraints of broadcast rules.  I mean seriously guys…you still can’t say fuck on the air.  Anyone who knows me knows I believe in using the English language to the fullest.


Enter Hilary Welch.  I met her at a swim up bar in the Bahamas a few years.  Cocktails happened.   And it turned into one of my all time favourite afternoons EVER.  I instantly loved the fuck out of her.  And I remember thinking….I would really love to work with her one day.    I would continue to see Hilary at various events over the years.  Every time I saw her, we became even better friends.  I’ve watched her grow  into a true female force…..and it’s marvellous.  She’s also been having a life changing year.  She made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery this year and she’s basically making 2017 her bitch.  So while she was recovering, I asked her if she would like to do a podcast with me.  She said yes and the rest as they say is history.  

So this podcast has become the embodiment of all the things I want.  I get to work with a woman….check.  No pressure…..check.  We control the content…..check.   And I get to explore the art of storytelling without looking at the clock.   Check.   

The Quick and the Dirty has brought me more joy than I can even put into words.

I’ve been waiting a long time to take this ride.