Welcome to Canada IT COSMETICS

It’s a headline that may mean nothing to you, but when I read it I dropped everything.

IT COSMETICS is coming to Canada.  Can I get a Hallelujah?

This is such great news.  It’s always great news when a brand is made readily available in Canada.  And IT Cosmetics is one of those elusive brands that could only be purchased at either Ulta in the US….or most recently at the US Sephora.  But last month , the company announced they were going to be available in Sephora Canada by August of 2017.  Again, insert squeal here.

When a makeup brand is only available online…..I feel like it’s a risky endeavour.  Buying a foundation online seems ridiculous.  How do you even skin match?  I’ve seen Youtubers who try on new product in the wrong shade because they purchased it online.  Yes, I know it’s not the end of the world but what a pain in the ass.  Call me old school.  I like to go into a bricks and mortar store, walk the aisles, swatch what I like, and physically go to a cash to check out.    Thank you IT COSMETICS for making my life easy.  I’m hooked on your CC cream which has become a summertime staple.  I recently discovered your SuperHero mascara and it’s exquisite.  I wear both every day.

If you haven’t tried either….sit tight.  We’re only a few weeks away from yet another option in your makeup routine.

IT Cosmetics Is Coming To Sephora Canada This Fall