[Watch] Welcome Back Dave Chappelle

This is not another post about Donald Trump. I repeat, this is not another post about Donald Trump.

I’ll spare you another unoriginal thought on what happened in the last week. You’re welcome. 😉

Instead, this post is about what I saw last night on Saturday Night Live.

There was a time when some may have argued that show was becoming irrelevant. But try making that argument now.

Last night, Dave Chappelle was the host.

I mean Dave Chappelle? It’s been over a decade since anyone heard anything from this guy. And honestly, I barely remember him. Mostly I remember the name and a story of how he lost it right at the peak of his career. (I was in my baby making years and in my defence I didn’t know where the hell I was on a good day). But I really felt for the guy.  And it sounds like he was battling a lot of demons at a time when he had a lot of people watching him. And then he kind of disappeared….for a really long time……until last night.

If you can call an episode of Saturday Night Live iconic, last night was it. And throwing Dave Chapelle in as QB was a pretty gutsy move.   After watching his opening monologue three times, I can say it was one of the most brilliant in SNL history. Not only was it crazy edgy and clearly off-script at times….but it captured the mood of the US perfectly. Everything from race relations, to Isis, and even an offer to give Donald Trump a chance.

The whole gang at SNL should be proud of the season they are putting on this year. It has been hilariously poignant, and even raw at times.   So here’s the link to the entire episode including the perfect opening featuring Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton.