Wake Me Up When Spring is Here

You know how they say the first way to deal with your problem, is admitting you have a problem? Ya well, here goes. I have a problem. My name is Sandra and I’m a binge watcher.


I have lived with this shame for the last month. I talked about my new addiction to binge watching the other day on the show. I talked about the month of January being a complete blur because I spent almost every waking moment watching the entire series of Downton Abbey. 6 seasons.  I’m not messing around here.

The thought of knowing that I can watch an entire series from start to finish without waiting for a ridiculously long amount of time for a new episode makes me so happy. It appeals to every primal lazy urge I have in my body.

Can I justify it? Of course I can.   It’s an Emmy award winning show. I’m an entertainment reporter. This is research.

Oh, but the shame.

The other day I was at the rink and a hockey mom came up to me and said she heard me talking about this very deep shame on the radio.   Of course, I owned it. She asked me where I found the time. Ouch. It was at that moment I asked myself the very same question. I have a fulltime job, I have 2 teenagers, both of them play hockey, and I’m trying to live a rich and fulfilling life.   It was far too easy to go full Canadian on this one, and completely cocoon. I mean, isn’t that what we do?  If we’re going to be honest here and I think we are…..don’t we hibernate for the winter and then emerge when the promise of spring is here?

It comes with a price. I stopped keeping up with my responsibilities. It wasn’t that bad. The kids got fed. But I may have stuffed a 20$ bill in their hands once or twice and sent them to the A&W or McDonalds for a hearty if not completely unhealthy meal.

Maybe my bathtub got a little dirty. Maybe my floors could’ve been cleaner. At least I did the laundry every day. I just didn’t fold it in a timely fashion. Like days. My kids found their clothes loosely thrown in a basket when they needed something. It was every man for himself. Mom was in her room watching Downton Abbey. And drinking tea. (yes, I started drinking tea) As for the husband, he said nothing. It may have started as mild amusement, but by the fourth week I could tell he was rooting for me to finish it already. Dinner wasn’t going to cook itself.  Ha.

I don’t regret doing it. If you want to look at the positives, it has helped the winter go by just a little quicker. It’s finally February which means spring is practically here. But maybe….possibly….there’s still a little time to kill before we can go outside again?

SUITS, you’re on deck.

i told you I have a problem.