Review: “I’m Dying Up Here”

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you that you “need” to watch a tv show? You watch it, and it sucks? How many times has this happened in my life? Too many to count. So when you tell me there’s something I need to check out because it’s so amazing….I’m immediately suspicious. I don’t like having my time wasted. Who does?

So when my friend Lori recently told me that I had to watch a new Showtime show called “I’m Dying Up Here”, I thought “Sure Lori, sure”.   Then she told me it was about stand up comedians in the 1970s. Ok, I’m listening. Then she mentioned that Jim Carrey was the Executive Producer. Ok, now I’m definitely interested. The clincher was when she talked about the sub theme of women in comedy. Ok, I’m in. Where do I find this show again?

I just recently finished watching the first season of the show. 10 episodes in total.   It actually felt old school to me . I couldn’t binge watch the whole thing which is weird. I had to take my time and watch an episode every week. And I loved that I was looking forward to each new offering.

When you know you’re about to watch a show about comedy, you think Funny. Well, this is a lot darker than that. It follows a group of young comics who hone their skills at a fictious LA comedy club called Goldie’s. The prize is a spot on Carson, and maybe “the couch”. But, the show is so much deeper than that. Why do people become comics? It’s not because they’re well adjusted . We learn about the characters and the reasons they’ve all chosen to pursue comedy. We see the camaraderie and the competitiveness and the pain. It’s really about the dark world of comedy which isn’t always funny.

Season 1 has wrapped up. It’s available on Showtime.