Mac Paint Pots, and Kim Kardashian Finally Takes the Plunge

Hey Mac….what did you do with you paint pots?

It’s funny how you don’t really know how much you want something, until they take it away. I was in the Mac store recently and noticed most shades of their paint pots were gone. According to Mac employees, they were taken off shelves with no explanation. A few of the staples (like Painterly) were left behind….but still, there was almost nothing left  Right now, they live exclusively online…but who knows how long that’s going to last? I would like to think they are going to do some repackagaing or maybe they are just revamping the selection. But still, why take them out of the stores and why not sell them off? Doesn’t make sense to this girl.

Other big beauty news this week….and I say “it’s about time, girl”. Kim Kardashian West has announced she is finally going to launch her own beauty line. Kind of weird that the woman who put contouring into the mainstream, doesn’t have one….but her little sister Kylie does.

The KKW Beauty Line launches on June 21 with a contour kit.