Kim & Kylie Are Dropping a Makeup Collab

The last thing I need in the world is another lipstick. But do you know what I really want? Another lipstick. Hahaha Dear Lord, I think I need a makeup intervention. Just when I thought I had it under control, this happens

Much like Kanye will drop a new song…..his wife Kim and her sister Kylie are dropping a cosmetic collaboration. What is it, you ask breathlessly? Well, I don’t know exactly.   But check out the tease.

COMING SOON @kyliecosmetics #KKW

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Could it be another highlighter? Probably not. I think the world has enough highlighters at this point. Did I Just say that?

But the video kind of implies we’re talking about liquid lipsticks or maybe even glosses.  Either way, I’m in. (please refer to earlier much needed intervention).



Stay tuned……