I’m Just a Girl Standing In Front of Mascara, Asking It To Love Her

It’s an obsession that’s been about 30 years in the making.

When I was a teenager, my aunt came for a visit. She gave me advice that changed my eye game forever. “Sandra, all you need is a little lip gloss and mascara in life. Pack on that mascara. And when you think you’re finished, throw on one more layer. There is no such thing as too much”.

Well, the grown up Sandra strongly disagrees. Yes, there is such a thing as too much mascara. Listen, if you look like you have raccoon eyes before your mascara even starts to run, you definitely have a mascara situation on your hands.   But that is your journey, you’ll figure it out just like I did.

What is it about mascara that makes me squeal like a little girl.? Bambi, that’s what. Who doesn’t want to bat their eyelashes like a doe eyed Bambi?   Don’t judge me. Ok, fine judge me, but not to my face.

All of the women in my life know one thing about me to be true. I have a mascara problem. I don’t just own it, I celebrate it. My quest in life is to find the best mascara in the world. For me. Yes, I am THAT shallow.

Let’s start with the one hard and true fact about your lashes. They are all different. I think it’s sweet to think of them like snowflakes. No two sets of lashes are exactly the same.   They come in all shapes and sizes. The same mascara can have different results for different people. So know your lashes ladies.

What do you want? Volume? Length? Drama? A combination of all three? Talk to me.

The choices are endless. But I will say this. I like to go high end. I don’t know if the end result is that much different than a drug store brand. But a high end mascara feels different. It’s a little more luxurious. It’s the difference between cotton and silk. Cotton gets the job done. But silk makes me purr. And don’t you want to purr?

It’s been a lifetime of trials. But I have finally narrowed it down to 2 all time favourite mascaras. Both of these bring forth my inner kitty cat.



At number 2.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Magic. This mascara is so soft and silky. It builds beautifully. The brush is built to catch all your lashes, even the teensy ones. It’s magical in every sense of the word. And the application process is perfection.




Number One. Lancome Extreme Grandiose Mascara. Oh My Gawd. From the moment I set eyes on this beautiful little tube, I knew she was special. From the curved wand to the tiny bristles….this mascara is everything. She is my catnip.



So know this before you set out on your own in the world of mascara. Whatever it is that you choose, if it doesn’t make you purr, why even bother? You’re worth it.