Baby It’s Cold Outside. Maybe Some Holiday Makeup Will Keep You Warm


I like to think of myself as a nice Canadian girl.  I’m not a huge fan of Winter.  But I have come to accept the fact that my immigrant parents came to this country because it truly was the promised land.   A ton of positives….and one big negative.  It gets frickin cold.  I mean really cold.  (By the way, Australia was apparently in the mix.  You know the land of kangaroos and warmth?  Ya, but I’m not bitter).

There isn’t a whole lot to look forward to at this time of year.  Christmas is coming.  And then what?  We as Canadians basically suck it up and we go radio silent until spring time.

This is pretty much how I justify the beauty of the Holiday gift sets.  These little beauties are basically designed to keep you happy and inspired throughout the dark depressing winter months.  I mean, for some of us, it’s all we have.  ( I mean other people..not me).

So I’ve been doing a little digging.  And here’s an initial look at what you can find this holiday season with Sephora favourites.  Don’t worry, there will be more to come.  Think Too Faced, Urban Decay (their new palette is everything), and Tarte…just for starters.

Let’s start with some sweet finds from Sephora.  Enjoy.

(click on image to take you to a land of sweet palettes and lipstick shades).



The full range of Sephora Holiday 2016 Makeup Palettes and Gift Sets have become available today at including the delightful Advent Calendar th

Source: Sephora Holiday 2016 Makeup Palettes and Gift Sets – Musings of a Muse