American Horror Story: Cult is Almost Here

     There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.  I remember hearing that A LOT as a kid.  I remember being afraid of a lot of things.  When the wind whipped against the window, I would be the first one to look to see if there was a scary face staring back at me.   When I was forced to go into the basement, obviously there was a monster lurking beneath the stairs.  Obviously.  

     I am the product of the horror genre. Thanks Hollywood.  I’ll send you my therapy bill.   This is what happens to you when you’ve seen “Friday the 13th” one too many times and you can actually act out the final scene in “Hallowe’en”.  You know when Jamie Lee Curtis thinks she’s killed Michael, and just as she’s finally breathing a sigh of relief, you can see that immortal asshole rise in the distance?  Why won’t you die Michael?   It’s a reminder that the horror genre is never fair. And also… makes zero sense.   But it sure is entertaining.

There doesn’t have to be a high body count in horror, although I think it’s preferable. And it  really makes you believe that the killer isn’t messing around.  

And let’s be honest, someone has to die. 

Enter “AMERICAN HORROR STORY”.  The genius vision of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.  On Tuesday, September 5, Season 7 kicks off. “AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT”.  If you have any kind of an irrational fear of clowns, you probably won’t sleep for weeks..  I’ve been reading that Twisty the Clown from “Freak Show” will make a triumphant return in this season.  Gotta say, Twisty the Clown was one of the most terrifying characters yet on this show.  It’ll be nice to have him back….Just kidding, I’ll have my ativan nearby. 


(The adorable Twisty the Clown)

If the trailers are any indication, this season will be right up there with “Murder House”, “Asylum”, and “Freak Show”.

Sleep Well.