About Me


Hey, thanks for visiting my site.

I’m Sandra Plagakis.  You can hear me weekday mornings from 5:30 to 9am on Kiss 105.3 in Ottawa on #TheSandraAndChrisShow.
Friday mornings at 9:45am, you can also hear me on 1310news with Mark Sutcliffe for an entertainment feature lovingly called “Sandrap”.
I also have a weekly podcast called “THE QUICK AND THE DIRTY” which I am delighted to host with my friend and colleague Hilary Welch.

I’ve been kicking around in radio since 1994 ( please don’t start doing the math). From humble beginnings in Brockville to my first dream gig in Toronto, and then to the nation’s capital.

I may have a slight addiction to all things entertainment, pop culture, health and beauty.   Oh and I love shiny people, wine and a good time.

I’m also a hockey and baseball mom to 2 teenage boys, which means I’m hardcore.  But not in a scary way.  Just kidding, I’m terrifying.

If you want to find me, it’s pretty easy. Email: sandraplagakis@gmail.com

or find me on social media.
Ig and Twitter: @sandrakiss1053
Don’t bother with Facebook, it’s not my favourite.