Bennifer Call Time of Death on the Marriage

I need something black. Oh and I might need my dramatic black veil for this one too. I also need you to crank up the Adele. Momma might need a good cry.

Can we all just take a moment to mourn the death of Bennifer 2.0. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were once considered one of the most stable marriages in Hollywood. Once.   Yes, I realize it’s been a couple of years since they officially split. But this week the couple filed for divorce, ending any and all rumours of a reconciliation.

Not gonna lie. I was hoping. I really was.   I really liked this couple. They seemed normal. Well, as normal as a celebrity couple can get. She seemed like a real hands on kind of a mother. They each had careers, and seemed to handle to the co-parenting thing really well. Well, until the nanny.

Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t really the nanny that ended Bennifer. Last year, Garner gave a very revealing interview in Vanity Fair where she admitted the couple had been separated for months before he started doing the nanny.   But, (and I think we can all agree on this one), doing the nanny is never a good idea. Especially when you consider their sudden departure might be a little confusing for the kids. Also, kind of shitty to do to mom. Yes?

But nevermind the cause of the breakup. It could be one thing, it could be a million things.   This couple gets nothing but my respect for the way they handled the aftermath.     They have set the bar ridiculously high when it comes to the way they focused on the kids, and nothing but the kids. They kept their heads down, and worked on their family and not on their celebrity.

Hey we’ve all seen divorces get ugly. Because sadly, that’s how it goes A battle of he said/she said in the media. Leaked stories from either side, on what really happened. Brangelina anyone?

But Ben and Jen didn’t do that. And they honestly didn’t seem to care what anyone else thought about their situation. He was living in the guest house, and popped in the main house to help with the kids. She supported him while he entered rehab recently. They have been each other’s rocks.

So after almost 2 years of working through their issues and making sure the kids were OK, they finally decided it was time.

But still….. I really wanted these 2 crazy kids to make it. I think a lot of people did.   She is incredibly likeable and relatable….and smart as hell. She’s referred to Ben as the “love of her life”. But she’s obviously learned that life can get messy. And as much as we want to believe in the fairy tale that Disney has been selling us for years, sometimes it’s not that simple.   Maybe it’s time for Disney to start making movies about the not so happily ever after.