The 2 Little Words That Make Me Squeal

2 words.  Limited Edition. It gets me every time.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I loves me a little limited edition. I’m not kidding.  When I see those 2 words, I get crazy.  I just think “wow, this is exclusive” so i better get it now.  No one else has this.  I’m special. I’m so so special.

I know, I know….. that’s a pretty sad thought process but it’s true. And that’s why Limited Edition are the 2 most brilliant words in the retail world.

So that’s why I get down right giddy when it comes to beauty Holiday Collections.  They’re Limited Edition, don’t you know?   They only come out for a few weeks and then they’re gone.  Ya, that’s pretty exclusive.  I should get it right now.

Most of the major beauty companies have already given us a glimpse of what they’re releasing for the upcoming holiday season  Most of it will be out in October/November.  Some is already out NOW.

I was inspired to write this post after I saw that Rihanna has already announced her Holiday Collection. WHHHHAAAATTTT???!!!!!! She JUST dropped her new Fenty Beauty Line and she’s already putting out a holiday collection? I’m bowing down girl.

So here I am, up ridiculously early on a Saturday morning researching what else is out there for you beauty junkies.  Here is a just a small taste of you can get your hands on this holiday season.  It’s Limited Edition.  So you should. 🙂


😱😱😱 OCT 13.

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